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Crowdsourcing for Organisations

Leverage your Organisation's Untapped Knowledge & Experience to Maximise Project ROI

Project Spotlight

Crowdsourcing for projects, teams & groups

Collect & process project knowledge, including risk, issue, requirement, assumption & quality information

And gather & evaluate ideas for resolving specific project challenges & problems

How does it work?

Provide information in response to specific requests, e.g identify risks & issues, submit project deliverables for quality assessment, capture requirements and ideas for solutions & challenges

Share & collaborate with voting, commenting, and focused reviews & evaluations

Conduct open conversations about key project topics & issues

Who's it for?

Anyone working with & involved in any way with projects, teams & groups

Including delivery teams, customers, management, suppliers & other stakeholders

And when more people collaborate in projects, the project performs better & the chances of success are increased!

Crowdsourcing: Obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet.

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The Project Spotlight system

Project Spotlight is a collaborative crowdsourcing system for collecting, developing and evaluating:

  • issues
  • risks
  • requirements
  • assumptions
  • solutions to project challenges & problems
  • and more

It can also be used for the quality review, assessment & acceptance of key project deliverables

Each function can be restricted to selected groups of people throughout the collection, review, development & evaluation stages of production & processing, in individual projects, across all projects, and with external communities

This enables a degree of communication & collaboration not provided by traditional project tools, and yet it fully complements those tools & methods

Also included is a conversation feature designed to stimulate debate on selected topics and encourage further discussion and contribution


Quality Improvement

Quality improves when more people contribute their knowledge & experience to the development & evaluation of project inputs and outputs

And when performed in a managed environment, it enables open & focused discussion and participation



Risk Mitigation

Project risk is mitigated by the increased quality of the contribution to project inputs & outputs, and participation in discussions & evaluations

And also by improved collaboration & communication which drives better people performance


Problem Solving

Challenging people to tap into their knowledge and experience to solve project challenges & issues

Creativity & collaboration enable the best problem solving ideas to surface, and be turned into innovative solutions which will boost project performance


Improved Engagement

Engagement improves significantly when people collaborate and work together for a common purpose

As a result, they feel better about their working environment

And the more engaged they are, the better they perform

Recognition & Reward

People respond well when acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions and efforts

This creates a positive and supportive work place environment where people feel more motivated and engaged

Better Performance

Performance improves when more people work together to contribute their knowledge & experience to improve project results

Measurable performance factors i.e. cost, quality, & risk benefit by working together collaboratively



Project People

Project Spotlight taps into & harnesses the collective knowledge, skills and experience of your organisation, customers & suppliers

Projects are delivered by people who, when not engaged or motivated, don’t perform well. Poorly performing people produce low quality work, which leads to poor project performance. Poor performance lowers quality, raises risk and increases costs!

When people are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and experience, and are recognised for their participation, they become much more motivated and engaged

And they communicate and collaborate better knowing their contributions will be valued. Teams work better together. Morale improves,  job satisfaction increases, and the working environment gets much better. There is also considerably less absenteeism and staff turnover

All this leads to better performing people and better performing projects

Better performing projects lead to better results and happy customers!

Project Spotlight - powered by Wazoku

whose clients using the system include:

BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation|Waitrose – Large UK supermarket chain|University of Oxford|NHS – UK’s National Health Service|Aviva – Large global insurance company|Brother – Printer manufacturer|Huddle – Team & Project Management|UK’s Ministry of Justice|and many more….

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