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Product & Features

Crowdsourcing for Organisations

obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet.

Project Spotlight, powered by Wazoku’s Idea Management system, is a crowdsourcing system for collecting & processing project knowledge, including risk, issue, requirement, assumption & quality information

And collecting & evaluating ideas for resolving specific project challenges & problems

With flexible workflow and evaluation features, it enables project people to share, collaborate, review, vote & comment, and hold conversations about specific project topics.

Quality Improvement

Quality improves when more people contribute their knowledge & experience to the development & evaluation of project inputs and outputs

And when performed in a managed environment, it enables open & focused discussion and participation

Risk Mitigation

Project risk is mitigated by the increased quality of the contribution to project inputs & outputs, and participation in discussions & evaluations

And also by improved collaboration & communication which drives better people performance

Problem Solving

Challenging people to tap into their knowledge and experience to solve project challenges & issues

Creativity & collaboration enable the best problem solving ideas to surface, and be turned into innovative solutions which will boost project performance

Voting, Commenting & Conversations


Assess project inputs & outputs by voting them up, or not – by voting them down

Vote up other people’s comments & conversations


Comment on project inputs & outputs and conversations, and respond to other people’s comments

Attach documents & images to your comments


Hold focussed conversations about project-related topics

Like & reply to other people’s comments to express your agreement

Work Spaces, Notifications & Workflow

Project work spaces

Each project has its own private work space, and there is an open space for all projects

Add members by request, invitation or open it to everyone

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your projects people engaged with personalised notifications

Daily Summaries and Weekly Digests make sure that everyone follows the activity of particular interest

Workflow Management

Add flexibility to the collection, discussion, review, development & evaluation management processes

Configure the most appropriate workflow, using predefined stage types

Tasks, Devices & Security

Task Management

Use the Task Manager to make sure you never miss a pending task

Keeps your ideas moving through the workflow


Ideas for contributions can happen at anytime & anywhere. Our mobile experience allows you to work on everything on any device

One touch access to Project Spotlight is always available


Secure hosting with Rackspace & application data protection including SAML2

Configurable user roles, permissions and IP restrictions, and various sign on options

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